I love winter. I always look forward to it after the summer (OK, only if we have a good one), but I do love dressing in cosy jumpers and big boots. Wearing hats and taking walks in the fresh air. 

This time last year I was preparing to move from the sunniest place in the world - Perth in Western Australia - back here to Bristol. We were really lucky and found an awesome little home for ourselves, backing right onto a wood... close to the city but you wouldn't know it... 

And as we're in the midst of winter... all my friends back in Perth are sharing all their amazingly blue and sunshine filled photos of the aqua water and white sand... and I must admit, I have a bit of a pang to be there myself. Any warm beach actually, somewhere where I can feel the sun on my skin, and then take a dip in the ocean. 

But it's just this time of year... January/February, where you already start to look forward to the summer again! Bring on the Spring... we have plans to redo our garden a bit, add a BBQ area and my husband is going to make a wood fired pizza oven! 

And look at the woods... still beautiful in the Winter, on what was a beautiful, clear day today.