My man and my boy

I think I always imagined myself having a girl. I'm not sure why, because actually, I've always had a bit of a connection with boys. Through school they were always so much less complicated. And I just really liked that. 

I've always been a relationship kind of girl too. Pretty much since I was 11 or 12, I've gone straight from one to the next - and mostly they all lasted at least a year! In fact, when I was 15 I got together with a guy I'd dreamt of going out with for ages! And we stayed together for six years! A little too long in hindsight, but I've learnt so much from all my Mr Wrongs'.  And I'm a big believer that the ones that weren't right, lead you to the one who is right. 

So when I finally met my now husband - I just knew. I really, really knew. Pretty much from day one. And he says the same about me. Even though we are from opposite ends of the world, I still feel we were just meant to find each other. 

Then we had Wilfie - our beautiful boy. And sometimes I look at my man and my boy and think that surely I must be the luckiest girl in the world.