Loose tea and lost loves.

Finally the warmth has decided to surround. Although it comes and goes, (like the sweet little hedgehogs we've discovered in our garden - I'm about to pop out to see if I can see one. Yes, I know, I am so utterly rock and roll. Nothing changes.). 

Talking of change... I'm starting to get a bit of a longing for lost loves. Music. This started with me spontaneously booking tickets to see Massive Attack at The Downs in September. And then tonight I actually started to write a song... and I've stayed up ridiculously late in doing so! 

Then there's tea - LOOSE tea - I might actually be able to muster up the energy to invest in some. And films. Perhaps we could stay up past 9pm to watch a film...

And books. I've got a stack of them by my bed waiting to be absorbed.

Anyone would think I've had my head stuck in the clouds... drifting, dreaming, without a worry in the world... 

But below you'll see that I've just been hanging with my family, soaking up a little bit of sunshine along the way.