Women Wild and Free - Juno Feature

Are you familiar with the lovely family mag, Juno? Well, my project for Women Wild and Free has a feature in it! It was a surreal feeling seeing my work in print! It's an inspiring subject with exceptionally inspiring women at the forefront. 

I wanted to quote a little bit of the Juno feature, and include some photos of the wonderful women who booked a Women Wild and Free session with me. You'll have to grab a copy of Juno to enjoy the whole article though, soz! 

I'm looking forward to the next chapter of Women Wild and Free - I have a few ideas floating around up there, and will be launching the second instalment in Spring 2018. 

"Jemima Rose Brash uses photography to explore the interests and hobbies that mothers have made time for in amongst the demands of motherhood."

"Creating a loving family has been my life’s desire. I’m a home girl through and through. And I feel happiest and most like me when I am surrounded by family. When I started a family of my own, it became my passion to document it through photography, and not only my family, but other families, too. I wanted to show the moments that matter, the moments that we should look back on with fondness and awe.

My children have brought me so much joy and light. But my role as mum has, at times, also brought darkness and despair, when the long, lonely days of looking after small children and keeping home has seeped into my bones and disappeared my former self. Where was the Jemima who wrote, sang and performed music? The Jemima who kept fit and practiced yoga. The Jemima who loved to read and discover films. The Jemima who looked like Jemima - a lover of vibrant dresses and shoes. In the throes of motherhood, I had lost sight of her. I was determined to reintroduce her. And so I began writing and performing music again, and I knuckled down and launched my family photography business.

And therein Women Wild and Free was born - photography sessions to embrace, empower and focus on women in all their splendour. My first category this project was to focus on mothers. It was still so raw to me, and I wanted to utilise my understanding and passion for motherhood through my photography. These sessions connected with mothers who had found what I had missed and longed for - an interest or hobby that gave them space and freedom. Something that allowed them to escape the demands of motherhood, and gave them a sense of individual identity and purpose."

Photographs feature (in order):
Eleanor: Mother + Silversmith
Manon: Mother + Yoga Teacher
Lauren: Mother + Makeup Artist
Susanna: Mother + Organic Veg Entrepreneur and Singer
Monica and Lorraine: Mother and Daughter + open water swimmers

Women Wild and Free name, concept and images (c) Fur and Gold Photography