Kilts, children, laughter, hearts.

Sophie is one of my dearest, oldest friends. She was my next door neighbour growing up, and I have the fondest memories of our adventures together. I will always remember the time I was hiding in the top bunk bed, and Sophie and my sister came into the bedroom and revealed that Father Christmas was in fact my parents! Served me right for being sneaky, I suppose. 

Anyway, fast forward over 20 years, and we found each other again! Our children play wonderfully together, and we discovered that we still have such a lovely, natural connection. So when she asked me to photograph her wedding ceremony in Bristol, I thought, of course. This is how it should be, all these years later. 

So here are the photos, in all their glory. Sophie and her charming Scott, Hamish, along with their beautiful daughter, Isla. And kilts, children, laughter, and the warmest of hearts.