Children Wild and Free - my new sessions exclusively for children. 

When I ran my Women Wild and Free sessions last summer, I was so inspired by all the strong mothers I photographed - all honest, positive, natural role models for their sons and daughters. 

So it felt right to create sessions for our wonderful children, too. To capture a child’s inner strength and beauty. To photograph them doing what they love. Because, that’s what’s important - that our insides - our hearts - are happy and confident and strong. 

And we need to start this now with our children. We need to enable them to see that being different is OK. That they don’t have to conform to stereotypes. It is not about a girl’s prettiness. Or a boy’s bravado. It is about being true to yourself and your spirit. That way, we can make our own beauty. And it will sparkle and speak proudly to the world. 

Whether it’s your child’s unique personality or their love for a hobby - like riding, cycling, painting, dancing, making, swimming, baking, climbing - anything that makes them shine and feel happy and free. That is what I want to document.

These sessions are charged at my normal family photography prices - but the first five people to book a session will get a special thank you discount! 

Please email me for more details or to book your session. I can’t wait to hear from you and get started with Children Wild and Free.

Jemima. X

Family Photographer Somerset UK