Mouse and the Tree

Once there was a cat called Mouse. She lived in a little house with a forest in the garden. She loved the forest. And she loved to go on adventures with her family. 

On this particularly day - a fresh, Autumnal morning - Mouse's family put the baby in the backpack and left for a stroll. It was earlier than usual, and Mouse could hear lots of birds singing in the trees. 'What a delightful sound', she thought. 'I might like to catch a bird.'  

She darted from left to right, through the blackberry bracken, up and down a few small trees, and into a clearing, where her family stopped to take photos. She was having so much fun! 

Mouse thought she'd sharpen her claws on the trunk of the biggest tree, when suddenly a lady and her dog appeared. Mouse kept very still, so as not to draw attention to herself. She really did not like dogs at all. They were silly creatures, who tried to be scary.  And they smelled. 

But the dog, who was big and black, came down towards the tree where Mouse and her family were. They picked up a stick to try and shoo the dog away, but it was too late. The dog had seen her, and there was nothing left for her to do, but run up the tree very fast. 

In her haste, Mouse forgot that she would need to come down when the dog had gone. But she'd climbed too high, and there were no low branches for her to get down. 

Her family heaved a fallen tree and leant it against the tree where she was, so that she might use it to climb down. "I'll let them put that tree up, even though I can get down perfectly well on my own', Mouse thought to herself.

But she was very high up. She was quite pleased about it actually. And for a second she thought she might be a bird. She could see birds. And she could still see that silly dog chasing after a stick. 

Mouse decided to give herself a bit of a clean, after getting mud and bark and grass seeds in her fur. She'd found herself a comfy spot to sit, so she'd just stay there awhile, and enjoy the view. 

But then her family started to walk away, leaving her alone in the tree. And so she thought she should accept their help, and tiptoed out onto the tree they'd positioned there for her. Then just as quickly as she was up... she was down. 

Mouse followed her family home for a nice saucer of milk, and some of her favourite food, and then she found a warm basket and went to sleep.