Mummy yummy chic pea patties - perfect for BLW

I was brought up on my Mum's yummy and wholesome food - all home cooked and nutritious.  So I've been pretty healthy ever since I started cooking for myself, apart from the times when I had no money and lived on porridge and ryvita! 

Then, when I fell pregnant, my husband became the main cook, and has continued this until we moved back to England - Phil is back from work by 4pm, so he enjoys some quality time with WIlfie, while I put on some music and cook supper. 

We've done Baby Led Weaning (BLW) with Wilfie, so we all have supper together at about 6pm each night. And recently I've started to think a bit harder about what nutrients he's getting, and am really starting to LOVE cooking again! 

So as part of the family theme of this blog, I thought I'd start sharing our BLW recipes, so other families can enjoy them too. 

I served these chic pea patties with sweet potato and parsnip crutons, coconut rice, avocado, corn on the cob and asparagus. 

Also - a note that adults might want to add a pinch of salt to their meal at the table, because we cook without salt for Wilfie. 

Chic Pea Patties with Sweet Potato and Parsnip Croutons and Coconut Rice

For the patties
1 x 420gm tin of chic peas
1 x small onion 
Handful of spinach
1 tsp of cumin (ground or seeds)
1 tsp of ground coriander
1 tsp of ground tumeric
1 tsp of tahini 
1 x crushed garlic clove
1 x tblsp of wholemeal flour
Drizzle of olive oil
Dash of water
Wedge of lemon to serve

Mix the chic peas, onion, spices, crushed garlic and spinach together (I chopped the spinach and onion very finely). Then either whiz up in a food processor or use a  hand-held whizzer. Add in everything else and mix again. Shape into 10-12 round patties with your hands, and pop in the fridge for 15 minutes while you cook the rice and the croutons. 

When it's time to cook the patties, heat olive oil in the pan, then fry for a couple of minutes each side, until golden brown.

Coconut rice
1 cup of basmati rice
1 x tsp of coconut oil or a swig of coconut milk

I used basmati rice, but would also use wholemeal too. Just boil one cup of rice, with two cups of boiling water. Once the rice is pretty much there, you can add a tsp of coconut oil, or dollop in a small amount of coconut milk. Sprinkle over some cumin seeds to serve. (And at the table we added a bit of soy sauce to mine and my husband's portions for a salty kick). 

1 x small sweet pot
1 x parsnip
Sprinkle of curry powder, ground coriander and turmeric 

Dice a small sweet potato and a parsnip. Boil until tender, then toss in the frying pan with a decent amount of olive oil and the spices. This only takes five minutes until their golden and crisp and yummy! 

While I was frying the croutons, I boiled the corn and asparagus for 5-6 mins. The rice was already cooling, as were the patties, so all good to go! And honestly very tasty indeed. I also did some sausages on the side for my husband. :-)