Happy Birthday Glorious Kitty

Here she is... Kitty, my niece. She's bloomin' gorgeous and sweet and happy and beautiful. And her baby wrist bracelets are some of the best I've seen. And when she sees you, she will wave with two hands, clap and smile.

This first birthday cake smash was such a joy. Just to sit quietly with my camera and let Kitty lead the way. It's how child photoshoots' should be. Natural, innocent, unexpected...

She approached her cake, and gave it a delicate little prod. She tasted it - we think she liked it - but she preferred her apple! And Ba Ba Bee. (Baby, her Bunny).

Happy first year, gorgeous girl. xxx 

Hello Sunshine.

Ah... here are my two little rays... warm and sweet, happy and yummy and oh, the littlest smells wonderful! The largest smells nice too, mostly. But not when he's 'washing' his own face with his hand. "My washing mummy". This boy likes cats. Or does he? I mean, he does, but he thinks they are hilarious and sort-of-a-little-bit terrorises/plays with Mouse (our cat). She's very good and doesn't seem to mind though. And it is entirely my own fault!  

But aren't they beautiful though? I mean, they are really beautiful. And I love hanging out with them and feel so grateful. But in case you didn't know, being a mum is actually the hardest job in the world. I don't care what anyone else says. Because it is.

In fact, I uttered those very words only today to a friend, as I had my biggest on my left hip, and my littlest in her car seat under my right arm, with a bag on my back, walking into a whooshing wind.

Oh and did I mention I've been getting up every 1/2/3 hours for the last several weeks? The 4/5/6 month sleep regression, or whatever you want to call it. But as with my eldest, I resign myself and my sleep for the first year - totally. I will just be there. And suck it up. Because it's only a year. And there are no regrets that way. 

So... here they are. My children. 

And here I am. Well, not all of me, but some. The some I can lend for the time being... with my tired eyes and aching bones. And with that, to the sofa for ten minutes to sit with my husband, and massage feet. Then... to bed!  

Secret garden

We went for a walk yesterday - Wilfie has so much fun when we're out and about and he's in the back carrier. He loves being outside, and he also loves being involved in everything. 

I always take my camera with me, and since I had Wilfie I have found even more enjoyment in taking photos, of course because I adore him, but also now that I'm a parent - it's so clear to me how much joy children bring. And it makes all the sleepless nights completely worth it... 

This secret garden is perfect for photoshoots. So if you're looking at this and you'd like some photos of your children and/or family together, then let me know! 

Is a holiday really a holiday with your baby?

OK, so 'yes it is a holiday' - the positives would be firstly that you're somewhere other than home. You get to spend quality time with family. You can eat and drink a bit more (though not really in my case with the wine because I'm still breastfeeding). Visiting lovely places like the beach, cafe's and ice cream vans can happen every day… and… perhaps that's it. 

The 'no it's not a holiday' reasons... You don't really get a rest. But having said that on the holiday we just went on, we could rest a bit more because we went with extended family, which meant our son was not always in mine or my husbands arms. (So that can go with the 'yes' pile). The big no for us was that taking a nine month old away meant awfully sleepless nights. I read an article when we got back that said 'whatever you do, don't go on holiday with a nine month old'… Oops. 

We were averaging about three hours sleep a night, because Wilfred was in with us, and at that age, they get used to their surroundings and environment, so when you present them with something new - new bed, new people, new place, new temperature - they go a bit mental. 

So I think you just have to accept that a holiday might not be what you had in mind. And that early nights should probably be on the agenda.

My tips would be to try where possible not to share the same room with your baby (unless you do at home), and just to try to make everything as normal and familiar as you can. 

Still… we had loads of fun, and I got some lovely photos. And, might I add that St David's in Pembrokeshire is beautiful. And… I have a bloody awesome family.