The first birthday milestone.

That first birthday milestone is so momentous and worthy of celebrating. And not so much for the toddler - they won't remember it! Although the photos will be a lovely keepsake. But the parents - well, you deserve a huge hug and a bottle of something you love, because you survived the first year. And that is a massive achievement. Truly it is. And I know because I've done it. Twice. 

So when my friend Lucie hired me as the photographer for her son's first birthday, I felt excited and honoured. And I wanted to capture some of those precious, special moments of a first birthday, as well as the everyday (not always) special ones too. 

Every mother deserves a medal. And Lucie is no exception. Her family live far away, and she and Mikey have been doing this alone. And that's inspiring and brave and strong. Well done, Lucie and Mikey on raising a fine, healthy, confident lad. And thank you for asking me along to share Alexei's first birthday.