Here we are.

I am blind.
I am darkness. 
The smallest cry.
Soft and high.
But I am not there. 
So, where am I?
Into the night.
Into the dark.
To the black and blue.
Where will these arms carry you?
Where will we go?
I am lost, my little one.
Amongst the trees.
And the winter breeze.
Won't wake me. 
And so, beneath the everlasting stars.
With hearts beating fast.
Big and small.
Dear little soul.
I see no more.
I feel no more.
We are weightless.
And we will float into the light.
Bright as the moon.
I am here with you.
My beautiful.
I am your mother.
Here I am.
Here we are. 

A poem for Charlotte and Zaani Tiana, mother and daughter who are no more. Who are now amongst the stars.