Daughter Days

Here is my gorgeous and wonderful daughter, Arabella. She’s funny and cheeky and fierce and sometimes shouty and other times sweet and smart and talkative and lovely.

She starts school next year - I can’t believe it. She’ll only be four! And we get two days a week where we can hang out. So those days, I make sure I am spending quality one on one time with her. Because in only a short a year, that will be gone. It’s already gone with my son, who started school in September. And part of that makes me feel a bit sad. Because it’s out of my control, and I can’t change it. And because it makes me realise how fast this time has gone, and yes, everyone says it, and sometimes it’s annoying to hear, but… the time really does fly by, and will be gone before you know it. And school and friends will take over.

As a family, we stay at home a lot. Weekends are mostly spent in the house or garden, possibly out for a walk, or to extended family’s houses. But both my husband and I, (mostly) cherish this time together. And love to take it slowly, to live slowly, to just do nothing sometimes, but talk and hang out and listen to music and play with our children.

Here are a collection of photos of my daughter at one of our favourite National Trust hang outs - Tyntesfiled.

Being me.

As with everything, you need confidence and belief in what you do. If it's not there, then your audience won't believe in you. And just because you're not your idol, your inspiration... doesn't mean you're not wonderful in your own special way. 

Listening to your instinct is equal in importance. Do what comes naturally. Be yourself. And believe you're worthy. 

I'm referring mostly to my photography, but this is so true with motherhood and relationships too... and many other things. 

We spend so much time comparing ourselves, seeking reassurance from others, and thinking we 'should' be doing this, or looking like her or him, taking photos like that, and putting my baby to sleep like the book says, etc. 

When really we should be spending that time and energy on being who we already are, in pursuing our strengths, in loving ourselves, in loving others.