Ethical Hour

I went into my first Zero Waste Shopping store the other day, to buy a bar of shampoo - to not only cut out the plastic I use, but also reduce chemicals. I've been using natural skin care for yonks, but have recently stepped up my effort in lessening my carbon footprint, single use plastics, thoughtless purchases, and other things that cause a negative impact on the world - sometimes even unknowingly.

A quick click of the mouse to buy something from Amazon (click here to find out about their black marks), or a sweep down the supermarket aisle to take home a trolley full of throw-away plastic packaging. Or buying eggs that say Free Range, but actually that means that the chicken has to happen upon the tiny tunnel at the far end of the barn, that leads to outdoors... 

So when Sian Conway of Ethical Hour contacted me to do a shoot with her, I was really bloomin' thrilled! Ethical Hour is super, lovely business - it helps people to live and work more ethically every day. (Check out the portfolio of clients here). Living more ethically is such a hot topic at the moment - it has been for a while, but it seems to be really ploughing forward and it's making me feel hopeful. 

Sian wanted a collection of natural, candid photos of herself, to use on her website and for branding at events she attends. Her brief was foliage, organic and natural... so we headed out to Ashton Court to chat about her business, Hippo's laying eggs, and my witty comments to put people at ease (sweaty bananas, silly sausages, and other very dorky things that I blurt out - always gets a laugh though!).