Happy Birthday Glorious Kitty

Here she is... Kitty, my niece. She's bloomin' gorgeous and sweet and happy and beautiful. And her baby wrist bracelets are some of the best I've seen. And when she sees you, she will wave with two hands, clap and smile.

This first birthday cake smash was such a joy. Just to sit quietly with my camera and let Kitty lead the way. It's how child photoshoots' should be. Natural, innocent, unexpected...

She approached her cake, and gave it a delicate little prod. She tasted it - we think she liked it - but she preferred her apple! And Ba Ba Bee. (Baby, her Bunny).

Happy first year, gorgeous girl. xxx 

Little Love.

What a wonderful sight. A mother to be, with her precious cargo safely wrapped under winter warmers, and her man by her side.

This was my first venture out with my camera since we welcomed our second baby, Arabella. Who is now four months.

I've chosen a handful of images to show from the maternity session - I did two locations - the woods and home. 

It was awesome to do this again. And I remembered how much I love it. I hope I get to do many more. 


Young Love, We Are.

It was really pure joy doing this family photography session. Lauren, Fred and their beautiful Kitty Rose were so much fun. 

I hung around at their home for the first part, just letting them do their thing pretty much. Home sessions are quite often led by the family - or children if they're old enough! And that makes for really natural photos. 

Fred had his guitar out and was playing and singing to Kitty as she was being fed... and their cat, Pippa even joined in. Well, not with the singing, but in with the family photo. 

I also love to shoot outdoors in a surrounding like this - I always use natural light, and there was plenty of space for variety and prettiness in this little garden in Brighton.