Being imperfect

As a photographer, I think it's important to believe in yourself and what you see in front of you. I'm a complete romantic at heart, and the images I am drawn to the most have a sense of romance, mystery even... they tell a story that can be interpreted in different ways. They're not obviously brilliant or perfect. They're subtle yet strong. 

I've just had my business cards designed, and I was trying to decide whether to call myself a family photographer or a lifestyle photographer. And in the end I went for lifestyle, the definition of which makes total sense to me.

"Lifestyle photography is a kind of photography which mainly aims to capture portrait/people on situations, real-life events or milestones in an artistic manner and the art of the everyday. The primary goal is to tell stories about people's life or to inspire people in different times."

This photo is of my son, Wilfred. Crawling and playing amongst the beautiful, autumn leaves, beneath a great oak tree. I took a few of him here, but this is the image that most appeals to me. It's not perfect. It's not straightforward. And that's why I love it.